English Mass Service at Kerahiman Ilahi Tiban Parish

In order to actualize of the Congregation’s mission and to make the Divine Mercy Parish as a part of a universal part of the church, then on August 5, 2019 then at 11:00 WIB 12:30 West Indonesia Time, Divine Mercy Parish begins mass in English.

The Mass was presented by Father Popong and the Parokus Pater Toni

The Mass shall join by the Indian and Filipino communities. For some reasons, the Indian community will participate in the next Mass. The Mass was attended by numbers of Tiban Parishioners and the Filipino communities.

In his homily Father Popong stressed the importance of the wealth to ensure the needs of life have fulfilled. But we should wisely use our time so we do not become servants of the wealth and forget the goodness and the love of God.

Before concluding the Mass, Father Popong hoped it continued in a more intense communication between the communities to share information, especially Mass activities at the Tiban Parish. Fr. Popong also hoped that mass officers (acolyte, choir, etc.) could also be participated by the Filipino community or others.

English Mass will be held every Sunday starting at 11:00. We invite you to join in one community of a universal Church.

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